The Hummingbirds Association



Message From The President


Fellow Jamaicans and friends warm greetings to you. This year marks the 40th Anniversary of the Hummingbirds Association and I honoured to serve at such a time as this time as the Acting President.

Let me use this opportunity to acknowledge our Public relations officer Mrs. Sharon Purser-Cooper and her committee for the work they have done to convert the idea of a Hummingbirds Association Web Site into reality as a part of our anniversary celebrations. Thank you!

I look forward to the great impact this web site will have in publicizing the accomplishments of our association and garnering more support for the work we do. For forty years this nonprofit organization has, on a solely voluntary basis, been supporting the members of the Jamaican Diaspora in the Bahamas and the Jamaican Consulate. It has also extended charity to many institutions in the Bahamas and Jamaica and will continue to do so with God’s help and its hardworking committed members.

I encourage Jamaicans and well wishers to avail themselves regularly to what this site has to offer. God bless the Hummingbirds Association and Jamaica land we love!

Executive Members

President: George Haye

Vice President: Desrick Phillips

Treasurer: Hazel Burke

Assistant Treasurer: Delia Peart

Secretary: Tamika Walker

Assistant Secretary: Keneisha Dillion

P.R.O.: Sharon Purser-Cooper